Initial exploratory search of post 1854 Scottish Statutory Records for one person.

This is a good starting point to begin exploring your heritage.

Scottish Statutory Registration began on 1st January 1855. Everyone was required to register the main events in their lives - births, marriages and deaths - with the official registrar in their local area. Most records include information about the person's parents, their address at the date of the event, the informant's name and maybe some witnesses.

Only the Scottish Statutory Records after 1854 will be searched. To enable us to search effectively, the person you want researched must have an event (birth, marriage, death) after this date. It would be helpful to have a location - town, village, parish or even an address and any other information that you might already have (even if you are unsure of any this information) such as their parents, children or spouse names and/or location. If you have a family story about this person, please tell us that too.

The results of the search will be written up into appropriate charts and narrative that will be provided to you along with copies of records obtained on your behalf.


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